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The Avatar Wellness Foundation was formed to financially support programs, which are working to enhance the quality of life for pediatric HIV/AIDS patients.  The corporation shall abide by the local, state and national laws, which apply to a non-profit organization. 

Our Core Values are: Collaborating with Others, Providing Life Enhancement Skills, Alleviating Poverty, Service-driven

Showing Compassion, Giving a Vision of Hope, Cares about People, and Awareness of another person’s place in life

In 2007, the focus and purpose of the Foundation will be to financially support the work of the AIDS Pediatrics Program at the University of Maryland , School of Medicine in Baltimore , MD.   Below is a summary of their program.  In future years, other similar programs may be added. 

The PACE Program is a comprehensive HIV care program providing HIV counseling and testing, well-child care, specialized pediatric immunologic care, case management, developmental pediatrics, pediatric psychology, mental health treatment, child life services, access to research and clinical trials, social work services, addiction counseling, nutrition consultation and outreach to families affected by HIV disease.  Services are tailored to clients’ needs and are responsive to consumer feedback and emerging needs in the local epidemic.  The PACE Program is integrated with an obstetric program providing care for pregnant women infected with HIV and facilitates seamless transition after pregnancy to both pediatric and adult HIV care.

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